Steve Lyons Welcomes All To Main Street Gallery

“I am right where I wanted to be from the moment I stepped into Chatham,” says artist Steve Lyons. “I always say the Chatham angels opened the door every step of the way.” Before he arrived in Chatham two years ago, Lyons was selling his small “Memento” landscape and seascape paintings on scrap lumber off his back porch in Provincetown. Lyons says he got “extremely lucky” when an international art critic walked by and discovered them. Although he has painted since the age of 7, his career suddenly took off on a global scale. In 2013, Lyons was the first American to share the main exhibition prize at the Stadtgalerie, on the island of Sylt, an art colony in Northern Germany. He has made international headlines recently for reinventing and revitalizing the impasto technique—a 13th-century style that builds up thick layers of acrylic paint. To create these “sculptural paintings,” he uses buckets and buckets of paint. When he’s not traveling overseas, Lyons can be found painting in his gallery and teaching children’s creative classes. “Galleries are rather off-putting for most people,” says Lyons. “We try to make this a friendly gallery by welcoming children and building a relationship with them. I always tell them, you can be an artist, a gallery owner, a museum director, or an art manager.” In 2016, Lyons has exhibitions planned in Potsdam and Dresden, Germany.

Steve Lyons Gallery
463 Main St.