Catch of the Day

By Lisa Cavanaugh | Above photo of dogfish tacos by Julia Cumes

One of the joys of living in Chatham is the availability of local seafood. But our namesake cod is becoming scarce, and the fishermen who land their fresh catch at the Chatham Fish Pier each day are more likely to be offloading skate and dogfish, seafood that might be unfamiliar to many residents and visitors. To help introduce these abundant—and healthy—options to fish lovers, the Cape Cod Commercial Fishermen’s Alliance has launched a new program called Pier to Plate. Funded by a federal grant to develop markets for our fleet’s fish, Pier to Plate will supply restaurants and seafood stores across Cape Cod with locally caught dogfish and skate this summer.

Dogfish and skate are popular in Europe, which is where most of our Cape Cod catch ends up. Getting consumers right here at home to love their local fish is the goal of Pier to Plate, and finding great partners was a key to success. Through the program, participating chefs will prepare delicious dishes for diners to enjoy these “under-loved” species.

Customers who are game for a new culinary adventure are encouraged to ask for dogfish and skate at their local fish markets. Starting Memorial Day weekend, you can dig into skate or dogfish at these eateries in Chatham: Red Nun Bar & Grill, Chatham Squire, Bluefins Sushi & Sake Bar, The Corner Store, Chatham Pier Fish Market and Chatham Fish & Lobster.

Pan-roasted Skate