Chatham Color

 Photography by Don Gould

DonGouldDon Gould was born and raised and still lives in East Harwich. But considering that he married a woman from Chatham and works in town, he considers it his home.

“I’ve always taken pictures,” he says. “Never did anything with them until a friend saw my work and asked me to do some cards for her store.” Gould, 53, has no formal training other than a black and white darkroom class that he took in 1975 before going to live in Alaska for a couple of years.

He grew up on the waters of Pleasant Bay and Round Cove; and he and his family have been going to the Outer Beach for more than three decades. He’s fished and lobstered commercially before he realized that the lifestyle wasn’t for him. On any given day, you’ll find him out running through Chatham at 5 am before making the rounds with his digital camera as the sun comes up.