Get Outdoors!

Nowhere can one do a whole host of rigorous activities in such beautiful locations as one would in Chatham.


If you like the thrill of the hunt and are fascinated by buried treasure, you will love to clam. It’s quite simple. All you need to do is get a license, grab a small hand rake and pail, and the mollusk world is yours for the taking. That is, if you know where to look. Try following a line of steamer holes (or remnants of spatter). Dig a trench that meanders randomly. Work your way backwards as to minimize the physical chore and exertion on your back. Before you know it you could have an entire meal’s worth of bivalves for you and your family.

leclaire1Sport Fishing
It’s an epic tug-of-war. On one side is the fisherman, seeking a prized catch to show off to his or her friends. On the other, a bluefish, whose instincts tell it to swim for its life once it is hooked. Fishing makes for some of the greatest stories ever told. And greatest exaggerations, too. Of course, not everyone needs an ocean-going vessel or the latest state-of-the art equipment to succeed (although they often help); you can enjoy the thrill of a catch from any dinghy or dock. Just don’t let that one be the one that got away.

The beauty of kayaking lies in the intimacy you have with the water’s surface. On a perfect day, you’ll float as if nothing is below you. Whether you are exploring the myriad of inlets or the major bays Chatham boasts, travel by kayak is always more peaceful than by a much larger or motorized boat. Kayaks come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are more maneuverable than others, and if you have a traveling companion, nothing is more romantic than a kayak by moonlight.

leclaire7Kite Surfing
One second you can be cutting through the surf, carving crisp turns; the next, you are ten feet above the water, nailing a trick while a rising kite makes you feel weightless. Adventurous folk from all around flock to the waters of Chatham Harbor and Nantucket Sound to enjoy this relatively new sport. Training and expensive equipment is needed, but with locals offering private lessons and nearby shops selling kites and gear, it’s something you can take up in a couple of weeks or over the summer.