2012 Faces of Chatham: Keepers Of History

By Jennifer Sexton | Photography by Dan Cutrona

DanCutrona_Chatham-Ed-9847Edward M. Fouhy

A career journalist for more than 35 years, Fouhy found a historical topic to be his passion in retirement. He was the first to detail the vital and secret role that Chatham’s Marconi Station played in locating and sinking German U-boats as they targeted American supply ships carrying fuel to Britain in World War II. His documentary film, Chatham Radio Goes to War, was featured at the recently opened Chatham Marconi Maritime Center. Fouhy was CBS News Saigon bureau chief at the height of the Vietnam War, then senior Washington producer of “CBS Nightly News with Walter Cronkite” during the Watergate years. He served as CBS News Washington bureau chief, then CBS News vice president and news director, then similar posts at the other two national networks. He was founder and executive director of the Pew Center for Civic Journalism, and has won five national Emmy Awards.


DanCutrona_Chatham-Debra-0820Debra Lawless
Lawless is the author of two books on Chatham’s past published by the History Press: Chatham in the Jazz Age (2009) and Chatham in the Age of Aquarius (2010). She also collaborated on a book celebrating Chatham’s Tercentennial—Three Centuries in a Cape Cod Village: The Story of Chatham—to be released by Schiffer Publishing this spring. Lawless has reported for and edited newspapers in Rhode Island and currently freelances for Cape Cod Magazine and the Cape Cod Chronicle. A native of Providence, R.I., Lawless has degrees from Stanford and Boston University and also holds a certificate in Boston University’s Genealogical Research Program.


DanCutrona_AndrewGiles04Andrew Giles Buckley
Descended from Chatham founder William Nickerson, Buckley is a novelist, travel writer, and commercial shellfisherman. He is currently a Chatham Selectman and formerly an Historic Commission member. Having attended Town Meeting since age 16, Buckley was hired by the town to read and document the entire record of Town Meeting minutes and state legislation for Chatham since incorporation in 1712. Buckley is also the foremost historian on John Kendrick, commander of the first American voyage around the world, who happened to grow up on the shores of Pleasant Bay. His travel documentary series Hit and Run History brings Kendrick’s story to a worldwide audience at WGBH.org.


DanCutrona_Chatham-Harm-6439Harm de Blij
Born in the Netherlands, Harm de Blij was for seven years the Geography Editor on ABC’s “Good Morning America.” He later joined NBC as a geography analyst, and wrote and was commentator for the PBS series “The Power of Place.” De Blij has published more than 100 articles and 30 books, including The Power of Place (2009) and Why Geography Matters (2007). His advocacy of geography in the media and on the public lecture circuit has taken him around the world. A resident of Chatham for the past 20 years, de Blij is passionate about his participation in the Fall Lecture Series at the Eldredge Public Library, where he serves on the honorary advisory board.