Meet Matt Cannon, Exec. Director of Chatham Conservation Foundation

‘A Dynamic Place to Live’

By Joseph Porcari

New executive director and land steward Matt Cannon of the Chatham Conservation Foundation is responsible for managing the CCF land and trail system, environmental education and community engagement. Trustee Carol Odell describes Cannon as a “treasure.” “He’s smart, personable and a self-starter.”

Cannon loves the proximity of woods, ponds and beaches on the Outer Cape, and likes to remind us that we’re living on some of the youngest land on the planet. “For Chatham in particular, the shifting sands and shoals make for a dynamic place to live,” says Cannon, who majored in environmental studies at Connecticut College. He spent two years with AmeriCorps Cape Cod, where he was placed with the Harwich Conservation Trust. “We are seeing the evolution of the land right before our eyes.”

The CCF’s new headquarters are located inside the historic Mayo House at 540 Main St. Cannon will be working out of a room in the old house, built in 1818 by Josiah Mayo, a blacksmith by trade and postmaster for 40 years in Chatham.

Inspired by the writings of Rachel Carson and Aldo Leopold, Cannon believes land trusts play an important role in preserving our land, water, wildlife and shared quality of life. “I have learned that small community organizations have a tremendous impact. The change we create is tangible and it reinforces the notion of ‘act local, think global.’

“We can create the sustainable communities we need right here, and each person can make a difference.”