Take Me Out (Back) to the Ballgame!

By Ariel Cohen | Photography by Jay Elliott 


When long time Cape lovers and avid baseball fans John and Chrissy Maguire found their perfect Cape Cod cottage right next to Veterans Field, the home of the Chatham Anglers, they were ecstatic. The cozy cottage’s prime location begged to be used for warm summer cookouts but the cottage was so cozy that there wasn’t enough space, inside or out, for the family to host groups of friends on game nights.

The Maguires decided the best solution would be to create an outdoor entertaining space their whole family could enjoy.

“We needed a nice cooking area and dining space, and we also like to have bonfires at night so a fire pit was a requirement,” said John Maguire. With a stockade fence partially blocking their view, the couple also hoped to gain a better vantage point of the field, “other than the branches of beautiful maple trees.”

To make their dreams a reality, the Maguires knew they would need help. Enter Dean Marsico and Derek Stearns, hosts of the Do-It-Yourself Network (DIY) show Indoors Out. Marsico, Stearns, and an arsenal of carpenters, landscapers, and stonemasons descended upon the Maguire’s home with a goal of changing the bland backyard into a “Home Plate Hangout.”

DSC08558Before the renovations began, Marsico and Stearns took stock of what exactly they were dealing with.

“There was no grass and there were tree stumps everywhere,” said Marsico after walking the backyard to get a feel for the space. Taking into account the location of the house and knowing of the Maguires’ love for baseball, the project team decided to make the entire backyard into the perfect game night entertaining environment.

The focal point for the newly designed backyard was a quartzite paver patio— shaped like a massive home plate that was outfitted with a removable fire pit and a comfortable seating area.

A new outdoor kitchen was also created, complete with a new bar and grilling station with a new stainless steel grill provided by Robert H. Peterson Co. The grilling station was then accented with baseball bats made and donated by Thomas Bednark of Barnstable Bat Company. Three tall lifeguard chairs were brought in to give the family a comfortable and lofty place to watch the Anglers play.

Thanks to a dedicated team of workers, the entire project was completed in just three days.

“We had the best crew we’ve ever worked with,” Marsico remarked. The DIY team worked side by side with designer John Hill and a hardworking crew from Joyce Landscaping who worked long hours to get the job done. “They made this the most fun episode to shoot.”

The layout of the new yard was designed to maximize the amount of space without overwhelming the natural charm and style of the Cape Cod cottage. “From watching the show we knew DIY does quality work the end result was better than Christmas morning,” said Maguire. “It blew away any apprehension that we had.”

IMG_4266The new backyard has given the Maguire family a perfect place to hang out in the evenings and take in a great American pastime and long time Cape summer tradition. Whether watching the Chatham Anglers in their new lifeguard chairs or relaxing around the fire pit enjoying a few hot dogs straight off their new grill, the Home Plate Hang Out is the perfect haven for those who have a love of the game.

Local Project Contributors

Joyce Landscaping
68 Flint St.
Marstons Mills

Quartzite Pavers:
Sandy Neck Traders
PO Box 1486
South Dennis

Grill, refrigerator, steamer:
Fire Magic Premium Grills
Robert H. Peterson Co.

Baseball Bats:
Barnstable Bat Company
Thomas Bednark