Tasty Treats

As the season heightens, there is a trail of shops for those seeking some sweet memories. Stop in at any of these notable candy purveyors and bakeries in town to taste their signature goodies. Now that’s living the decadent life.

By Jacquelyn Mysliwiec | Photography by Alison Caron

IMG_2870Chatham Bakery

There’s nothing quite like finding a fresh, homemade, and hand-dipped breakfast treat that starts the day off heavenly. At Chatham Bakery, owners Rick and Michelle Crean (who also own Chatham Village Café) got it right. Aside from the list of fresh baked breads and sweets like pecan rolls, homemade éclairs, and homemade caramels, their doughnuts are the number one force to be reckoned with. From black raspberry jelly square knots to their famous apple-cinnamon doughnut, each are hand-cut and dipped daily in-house and made from a recipe that has been with the bakery since the 1970s. No need for anything new if the old was already just right.
69 Crowell Road, Chatham, 508-945-3229

IMG_2988The Corner Store

Besides their signature stacked burritos, the Corner Store sets a high bar for a certain sweet as well. I’m talking whoopie pies. Whimsy and innovation have been key elements since the establishment’s opening eight years ago. Owner Steve DeLeonardis, business manager Jim Danelski, and bakers Craig Perkins and Erinn Bray are constantly collaborating to lengthen the flavorful assortment, which already includes tiramisu, carrot cake, red velvet and their latest, Nutella — a chocolate whoopie cake filled with a hazelnut chocolate buttercream.

Each are monstrous (even the mini versions are good sized), and packed with a luscious, yet light filling. But that’s not even the best part. They use organic carrots for their carrot cake whoopies, and soak the tiramisu sandwich cakes in real Italian espresso, dark rum and Marsala wine before filling the center with fresh mascarpone and ricotta.
1403 Old Queen Anne Road, 508-432-1077, www.freshfastfun.com

IMG_2847Marion’s Pie Shop

This tiny in-and-out pastry shop, which has the same charm that it did more than 50 years ago, provides founder Marion’s original recipes all these years later. Marion built the pie shop off of her home to begin selling her signature pies, from fruit to chicken, to locals. For the past 11 years, husband and wife owners Blake and Cindy Stearns have commuted by foot each day from the very same home to the pie shop. The small storefront has stayed true to its roots, offering comfort dishes to-go like shepherd’s pie, mac and cheese, lasagna, and clam chowder, along with a dozen different breakfast specials.
The daily offering of more than 20 different pies may include favorites wild blueberry, cran-peach praline, strawberry rhubarb, key lime and chocolate cream. Come summer and especially Thanksgiving (last year the kitchen team put out 1800 pies during the holiday), you’ll want to place an order early so you don’t miss out on showing up to your celebration without the star dessert.
2022 Main Street, Chatham, 508-432-9439, www.marionspieshopofchatham.com

IMG_2813Candy Manor

After taking only a few steps inside the Candy Manor, most folks gleam with excitement like Hansel and Gretel when they first caught sight of the witch’s candy house. Inside the 1850 building on Main Street in Chatham, restored by co-owner David Veach in 1987, there’s more than just a taunting display of assorted chocolates, caramels, candy canes, and of course their signature fudge. What you might not know, given the size of the snug interior and the volume of sweets sold throughout the year, is that every single item is hand-dipped, decorated and crafted inside a tiny workshop in the back. If you take a peek through the windows, you’re likely to see at least one or all four “chocolate dippers,” rolling, painting and spinning chocolate in all shapes and sizes.

As for their famous fudge, a star in the summer, customers and window shoppers can watch the stirring process as it takes place in the front window. In the summer, the staff turns out 50 50 pound batches a week in 20 different flavors from plain chocolate to fantasy turtle (filled with a layer of homemade caramel). That means you’re almost sure to get a sweet show just from passing by.

484 Main Street, Chatham, 508-945-0825, www.candymanor.com

IMG_5730Chatham Penny Candy

There’s little mystery as to why old-fashioned penny candy stores lure in folks of all ages. There’s a nostalgia that lurks inside the quaint shops, whether it be the yesteryears feel or the explosion of colorful classic and novelty candies that bombard the eyes with joy. Chatham Penny Candy is nothing short of that experience—even for the owner himself, who worked at the tiny store in Chatham when he was 14 years old. Now the owner for the past 13 years, Cory Metters couldn’t be happier to extend the warm, welcoming, and sweet experience to all who live in and come to visit the town. It might seem narrow from its appearance, but once you’ve reached the wall-to-wall buckets brimming with every new and classic penny candy imaginable, you’re in for a treat. Grab a paper bag and fill it up with any goody of choice (including the wild assortment of New England salt water taffy) and check out at the old-fashioned 1950s cash register. Don’t leave without trying one of 30 different flavors of homemade ice cream from Bliss Bros. Dairy, a family run farm in Attleboro, such as Graham Central Station, a graham cracker based ice cream with chocolate honey comb pieces, or just plain vanilla, featured in their signature root beer floats.

6 Seaview Street, Chatham, 508-945-3518

IMG_3587Chatham Cookie Company

It’s not hard to guess why Susan Scott-Mabile’s “Beach Toes” cookies are the hardest to keep in stock. Inspired by a foot shaped cookie cutter that she found after toying around with all kinds of shapes, the former advertising agent (who once didn’t even like to cook dinner!) conjured up her own recipe for a treat she knew would win over the hearts and taste buds of those living and visiting the seaside town. Starting completely from scratch using no preservatives, Scott-Mabile sandwiches two shortbread cookies together with a homemade raspberry filling that acts as the ruby red nail polish on each toe. The cookies are sold in pairs.

Now beginning her third year in business, the self-taught baker is baking up a variety of seaside creations, such as her lemon starfish and pearl of Chatham. She even reached out to the families experiencing great loss after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut, sending cookie care packages. This spring, Scott-Mabile welcomes customers into her new storefront on Main Street Chatham.
595 Main Street, Chatham (508) 237-0627, www.chathamcookiecompany.com